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Bailey captured Ariel’s longing and passion to be part of our world in Walt Disney Studios’ official teaser trailer. | Photo By: Disney

Halle Bailey Calling All of Us to be Part of Her World

Gizelle Medina, Senior Editor of the Knight Magazine
Last updated October 27, 2022
As seen in the chart above, there has been a major drop in color over the past 2 decades. The lines on the graph almost look as if color is literally disappearing by being sucked in by some type of black hole.


Gizelle Medina, The Knight Magazine – Senior Editor
Last updated September 29, 2022
Punxsutawney Phil, held by a member of the inner circle, is adored by everyone who gathers to witness and celebrate his weather predictions for the season.

Trading Candles for Groundhogs

Gizelle Medina, Co-Editor of The Knight Magazine
Last updated February 11, 2022
After fleeing her home that was set on fire and witnessing her husband’s murder, the trauma Abuela Alma had to endure herself was passed onto her children and the rest of her family creating the vicious cycle many poc, immigrant families know too well.

Let’s Talk About Bruno

Gizelle Medina, Co-Editor of The Knight Magazine
Last updated February 1, 2022

Grappling Geeks and Grief

Ashley Roche and Gizelle Medina
Last updated December 17, 2021
The President’s Patio

The President’s Patio

Gizelle Medina
Last updated November 1, 2021
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